What Would Life in America be Like Without a Constitution?

Bob Schulz   |   May 20, 2023

Our Federal and State Constitutions are all that stand between the people and total government tyranny and despotism. They are a set of principles meant to restrain our servant government and guarantee the protection of the people’s unalienable rights.

Without those principles in practice we have witnessed:

Wars Without Formal Declarations.
A “Patriot Act” That Invades Our Privacy.
An Income Tax With NO Legal Authority.
A Currency Based On Limitless Debt.
A Privately Owned Central Bank.
A Government That Refuses To Answer.

Our Constitutions cannot defend themselves. We the people must defend them!

When the institutions of the Legislature, the Executive and the Courts engage in tyrannical acts the people must rely on our Right guaranteed not only by the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution but also by each of the 50 State Constitutions -- our unalienable Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, which Right includes an obligation on the part of the government’s to respond and the people’s Right of enforcement absent a meaningful response.

Public education has all but taken over private education and the Government run schools have never properly taught what’s in our Federal and State Constitutions and why.

We are not governed by our Constitutions. We are being governed by a “ruling class” resulting in a shift in the ultimate power in our Republic from the People to the Government where it was not intended to reside.

Case in point: In 1999, the We The People Organization was created for the purpose of holding government accountable with full reliance upon the Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances. It focused principally on the government’s readily apparent violation of the Constitution’s tax clauses. Its petition process has been rational, intelligent, professional and truly historic. Nonetheless, the Government has refused to provide a meaningful response. Click here to read the full story.

We the People need to recognize the wisdom and importance of our right to petition for redress, and how to use the right as both a shield — and a sword — against a servant government that has stepped outside the boundaries the people have drawn around its power to govern.

Individuals and small groups cannot hold a tyrannical government accountable.

We need to unite and adopt a plan.