Welcome to We The People of New York

We are back and ready to apply the lessons learned from our epic, on-going struggle to restore the true meaning and power of the Petition Clause of the First Amendment.

We have developed a Profound Plan to restore constitutional governance in New York state. There is a link to that plan below, but first some introductory remarks:

The goal is to establish institutionalized citizen vigilance for a single purpose -- holding Government accountable to the rule of law, which includes the New York State and Federal Constitutions and the Declaration of Independence.

As Jefferson warned, “No Government can continue good except under the control of the People.”

Here in New York State the government has stepped outside the boundaries drawn around its power, taking control of a boundless field of power.

In sum, the Plan is to create and institutionalize 9 Regional and 62 County Coordinators, hundreds of trained Constitutional Monitors monitoring the government wherever it is making policy, a fully staffed Citizen Vigilance Center and a virtual “army” of supporting members, who stand ready to put a collective foot down, engaging in non-violent civic-action when called upon in the wake of a refusal by government officials to provide a meaningful response to a proper Petition for Redress for their violation of the State or National Constitutions.

Our first order of business is aimed at getting civics education added to the curriculum at our public schools. We will Petition for Redress of Government’s violation of Section 801.2 of the State Education Law which reads in part:

This law, passed in 1947, has never been followed!

For instance, the current Social Studies curriculum gives scant attention to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and does not even mention the NY State Constitution.

Consequently, rising generation after generation of New York students have not been anchored to our fundamental principles of liberty and freedom, limited government and equal justice for all and do not know when State and local government officials have stepped outside the boundaries drawn around their power.

This must change.

Our Charters of Freedom cannot defend themselves.

It’s up to We The People and the hour is late.

Please visit the Participate page where you will be able to sign the Civics Education petition and join with other New Yorkers determined to shift the ultimate power in our society from the Government back to the People where it was meant to reside in the first place.

Also on the Participate Page you will find a link to our Profound Plan to restore constitutional governance in New York State, or you may go directly to the plan at Profound Plan to restore constitutional governance in New York State.